A burger with sauce
Potato wedges with sauce
Soya chaap full plate
Roasted corn with sauce
Momos and sauce in the plate
Dosa in banana leaf shaped plate
Chilly corns in the plate
Well prepared food
Evening snacks with tea
Boiled eggs with sauce served in a plate
Boiled eggs with spicy sauce
ketchup sachets
Pasta time
Pressed shavige with sauce
Samosa and sauce
Food in a Plate on Focus
Snacks for Evening
Food on a plate
Chilly chicken in red sauce
South Indian breakfast Pongal with ghee and chutney
Photo of Aloo Tikki
Indian Dish
Home Made Healthy Samosa
Italian pasta with tomato sauce
Arbi ki sabzi – roti
Grilled basa fish
Healthy pasta
Mouthwatering fried spring rolls
Chili potato with sauce
Chicken tikka in three ways
Chilly paneer with gravy
Seasoned Noodles
Food on Plate
Food style