A seashell on a twig
A coconut shell in dirty water
Three Sea Shells on wooden mug
A sleeping baby
Snail crawling down the rock
Eggs of a hen
Sea shell in the sand
Coconut in hand
snails in the sand
Eggs on soil
Coconut shell
A snail on a branch
Sea shell on plant stem
A seashell
A seashell on a beach
A shell on branch
A seashell
Zoomed view of sea shell at beach
shells in hand
A coconut shell
A man cutting coconut fruit shell
A dry coconut shell
A seashell
A sea shell on a stone
Littorina obtusata
Two sea shells placed closed together at the beach bank
Shell on beach
A sea shell
Murex Sea Snail Shell
A coconut shell
Three eggs
Pista dry fruits
Coconut pile
Eggs of an bird
eggs in a basket
A snail on a leaf
coconuts in a basket