Street food
Kid offering flower to Shiva
pancake in plate
man feeding pigeon
Bun omelet
sugary snack
Buttery Popcorns
Chips in a packet
Soft drink and snacks
A teacup and snacks
Indian Spicy Dish
Chips in a plate
Corn cob
Biscuits to eat
Snacks in a bowl
Oreo cookies and almonds
Frying and cooking food
A snack in hand
A tea cup and biscuits
poha rice flakes in bags
snack and chutney
A street food seller
A street vendor selling snacks
snack and chutney
Indian food
bhajia snack
street food stall
pringles chips
Street Food Vendor
Street Food Vendor
Indian fast food
Different things arranged on a table
Things on a table
Black tea and snacks
Potato chips
Indian potato snacks