An open book
Weekday illustration
Kolkata Knight riders IPL team illustration
Meow Illustration
Dad with son Illustration
English text
A newspaper background wallpaper
A text file opened in a laptop
Bitcoin sparkling text
cell phone
Indian currency
A quote written on a cup
Quote on wall
Shadow of a ring on book
Indian two rupees note
Indian 200 rupees currency
picture in mobile
Ring on book
Bottle cap
Man wearing shirt with slogan
Ring on book
Specs on book
Garden game
Indian currency
Book in hand
Hand changing the pages of a book
A leaf on a page
Plastic Container
Books to read
A student making notes
A pen and wooden stand
Pixahive written with sticks
Feedback written on a black board
Hindi text on paper
Painted stones for decoration
Book aesthetic
A quote written on a restaurant wall
Hindi text written on paper
Statue of unity written on a wall