Thread in the needle
A needle and thread
Water drop on thread
Ewer with a holy water on a religious event
Zip of bag
Blue ropes
Flying kite in the sky
Kite flying high in the sky
Kite and sky
Kite in the sky
Kid shoes
Kid holding kite in the farm
Kite flying in the clear sky
Pink spinning top with a thread
Ganesha on a red cloth
Sewing thread
Thread rolls
Tying a thread on feet
S written with woolen thread
Multicolor spool
Thread spool for sewing
Statue of Hindu goddess
Needle with thread
Colorful thread
Thread inside needle
Thread in needle
Thread for sewing
sister holding her brothers hand tied with rakhi
Red sewing thread reel
materials and equipment used in tailoring
A Bunch of Thread
Tailoring Materials on a Brown Mat
Tailoring materials kept on a matte
Entangled Thread
Peacock Feather on Focus
Tools used in tailoring