Soup in the bowl
Salt shaker bottles in a tray
A happy girl holding a tray of holi colors
Salt shakers in a tray
Salt shakers
A happy woman with a tray of Holi colors
Tea and biscuits on tray
Tea cup with biscuits in tray
Cut vegetable on wood tray
Ganpati Murti with coin
Food items in a tray
Breakfast with book and flower on bed
Flower pot with pomegranate on bed
Vegetable fruits in tray
Fruit on the bed with book
coffee in cup
eggs in a tray
Candles in a tray
coffee and snack
red chillis
eggs in a tray
Soda bottles crate
Bottle tray back side
A handmade tray
Panipuri with glass shots
Delicious Dumplings
Home Made Healthy Samosa
Food, candles and bracelets
Candies inside a Tray in White Background