A long hair girl
A sad kid
A sad girl sit on a bridge
waiting for his date
Boss unhappy with employees performance
Disappointed boss
Man showing thumbs down with mobile screen
Boss unhappy with the work
Unhappy Boss
Boss questioning employee about work
Girl unhappy with the work
Boss look of disapproval
Employee Discussion
Work Discussion
Employee Discussion
Boss unhappy with work
Boss unhappy with employees performance
Manager disapproving
Unhappy boss
A girl seeing the business reports
Man waiting for someone
woman pointing towards the camera
Unhappy girl pointing
Facial expression of a woman
Angry and frustrated girl
Confident angry young woman crossed arms facing towards the camera
Indian Man Portrait on Black and White
Stressed Indian girl
Shocked Indian girl
Indian girl doing thumbs down
Unhappy business woman
Unhappy girl with umbrella
Angry indian girl
Indian girl looking annoyed
Disgruntled woman pointing towards green screen place holder phone
Disgruntled young girl
Professional woman shouting on phone
Girl scratching her head
Unhappy indian girl doing thumbs down