PixaNews is one of the best WordPress themes out there for news and online magazines. It’s structure is optimized and inspired by world’s most trendy and modern newspapers. There are many features of this site that you will love.

This theme is 100% Free and doesn’t have a pro version. If you think we are doing a good job by creating such amazing themes for free, you can support us with Patreon starting at $1/month.

Here are the features of the theme that you may like.

  • Magazine Style Layout with Multiple Featured Areas
  • Carefully Chosen Google Fonts for Performance and Easy on Eyes
  • Fully Customizable Colors (Background, Accent, Text, etc)
  • Made to work with Classic Editor & Gutenberg both. (For News sites, Classic Editor is recommended)
  • Mobile Friendly Header
  • Multiple Header Layouts
  • Simple & Easy Social Icons
  • Numbered Pagination
  • Multiple Blog Styles

Upcoming Features

  • More Featured Areas
  • Stylish Category Pages
  • Footer Menu
  • Use your own Copyright Text
  • Different Sidebar Layout for Different Pages
  • Featured Area Support for Category Pages
  • More Styles for Single Post Pages
  • Author Bio Integration
  • Control over Styling of More Individual Elements
  • Better Widgets

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Free Theme Support

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19 thoughts on “PixaNews

  1. A couple of Suggestions…
    ability to have random posts order on every page refresh -blog home page and featured areas
    single post page – posted under (categories) on top instead of bottom or have both locations
    related posts on single posts up to 10
    share buttons

    1. Hello Tom,

      Based on your request. We have added following features to PixaNews 1.0.2 theme update.
      You can now choose random posts order for featured areas on homepage.
      You can build the entire homepage using just featured areas.

      In Version 1.0.3 We will introduce compatibility with some well known sharing plugins, and also featured areas for footer region of the website.

  2. I absolutely love this theme. However, my basic site colors are black and white. When I change the text to black and the primary color to white, everything looks like how I want it, except, the links in the articles. The text of those links turns white too. I set it to a bit of an off-white and the links show up lightly. I tried changing the link colors, but that just changes the color of the line under the links. I feel like I may be missing something. Basically, I love how it currently looks, but the links are unreadable. Thanks!

  3. Hi

    The theme works great . the only issue Ive noticed that the meta description on google now consists of the footer widget details and im not sure why or how to rectify

  4. Hello,

    I have several paid themes but I really like this theme because it’s user-friendly.
    But I have some problems with this theme.
    First of all the sidebar on the homepage just disappeared and I couldn’t bring it no matter what I did.
    Secondly, the theme doesn’t get along with my cache plugins. When I turn on my cache plugins it malfunctions.
    And finally, it would be great if we could choose the font sizes and hide some meta information on the homepage (such as publishing dates). The font sizes are really small and Google doesn’t like it at all.
    Keep up the good work you are the best!

    1. Thanks Behnay,

      I have taken extra care to make sure this plugin works with all cache plugins. And all sidebar related settings are present in customizer, however, if you could send me an email I can perhaps help you with custom CSS for font sizes and hiding meta on homepage.

  5. Good theme but some compatibility issues are there . If its solve then really its my first choice . When i share this some css error i found whether its only me . I am not share that this the only reason . I rate this theme 9.1/10.

  6. Caption for featured image on single post/page would have been nice ! So photo credit can been seen below the image.

      1. Thank you for your reply ! Sorry but where do you set this on your theme ? because the caption is not showing up under the featured image when viewing a single post. Thanks in advance 🙂

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