Thanks a lot to everyone who participated in our Nature photography competition.

Total Entries Received – 1550
Finalists – 223


1st Prize – Rs. 5000
2nd Prize – Rs. 2000
3rd Prize – Rs. 750
4th to 12th Prizes – Rs. 250

This was one of the most difficult contests to judge because all images submitted were spectacular.

Unfortunately, we can only choose 10 Winners.

So without further delay, here is our list of Top 10 Winners.


#1 – Arindam Saha

(submitted many fantastic images – these 2 were our favourites)

#2 – Anuj Jain

#3 – Aakash Kumar

#4 – Light Rays Photography
#5 – Chetaanand Photography
#6 – Mystic Wing
#7 – Soumyadeep Chaterjee
#8 – Animesh Sen
#9 – Suhasini
#10 (tie) – Aditya Khode
#10 (tie) – Abhijeet K Banerjee

Congratulations to all Winners.

Want to view more Top Entries of this contest?

We finally shortlisted 70 Photos to choose these winners from. So if you want to take a look at top 70 Photos, click below.

Criteria for Deciding Winners

This was a photography contest. The winners have been decided on the basis of their photography skills, and not the location or item in the picture. We have judged on these parameters.

  1. Symmetry and Alignment
  2. Exposure and Contrast
  3. Accuracy of Focus
  4. Lighting & Background
  5. Proper Cropping
  6. Creativity (if applicable)
  7. Overall Impression

We have tried to be fair in judging the results to the best of our ability. We hope you enjoyed being a part of this competition.

To Claim Prize – Contact us with your UPI Address or NEFT Details. All Cash Prizes will be sent on 1st-2nd Feb 2020.