Folks from Thailand know that their country is famous around the world for giving two beautiful and exciting things – blue waters and spicy Thai food. The largest island of Thailand, Phuket, is popular for the former reason. Local and international travelers always include Phuket in their itinerary while planning their trips in Thailand. This makes the island one of the largest and most popular destinations in the country.

Unlike the other islands in Thailand, Phuket is uniquely warm all around the year with the maximum sunny days. The monsoon season in the country lasts usually from May to October. In this period, it would only rain once or twice. Reaching this island is also a matter of one hour from most city attractions in Bangkok.

Worth Visiting Beaches In Phuket For Photographers

Photographers backpacking through this country in search of background images or inspiration must visit the 8 beaches mentioned in this article for stimulating their visual and imaginative senses. They are great viewpoints with the blue waters narrating the history of the glorious land.

Patong Beach

  • Location: Facing the Andaman Sea in the southwestern region of Thailand.
  • Crowd Density: Dense

Despite being only 2.5 km long, Patong beach is a popular destination among every foreign traveler in Phuket. Why wouldn’t it be? The place has plenty of night clubs, hundreds of A-grade bars, and plenty of restaurants. You can sense the high level of thrill and adventure on this beach in every corner. It also houses one of the biggest shopping malls in Phuket, Jungceylon, which has many night markets.

Bangtao Beach 

  • Location: Bangtao Beach, Phuket 83110
  • Crowd Density: Deserted in most parts

Bangtao beach is famously known for being in the vicinity of one of the biggest Asian resort complex, Laguna Phuket. This resort is home to the best restaurants, villas, supermarkets, weekly night markets, and boutique shops. Stretching for a large expanse of 6 km, this beach is the busiest in the southern end where most beach clubs and hotels are located. The northern end is relatively simpler with more than a couple of bench bars and silence. People choose this beach for a rock-free experience while walking on the shores.

Kamala Beach

  • Location: North of Patong
  • Crowd Density: Sparse

The peacefulness of Kamala beach attracts thousands of people in need of a relaxing getaway. This well-enclosed bay is covered on all sides by forested hills that make it a visual paradise for photographers. Walking to the south of the beach, you can experience the beauty of the shore while sitting in one of the luxury villas located in that region.

John, who works at a Private Boart Charter in Phuket says that, if you prefer serenity and an undisturbed environment, Kamala Beach is the place for you. The majority of John’s clients prefer coming to this beach over the crowded Patong.

Karon Beach

  • Location: The western seashore between Patong beach and Kata beach.
  • Crowd Density: Sparse on the northern end and crowded at the southern end.

Karon is the third largest beach on the island. It stretches for a beautiful 5 km length to flaunt its mesmerizing clear water in harmony with the clean and firm white sand. The northern section of Karon beach is secluded and visibly less crowded. People come there to have some peaceful moments with themselves as they hear the sound of the clear waters crashing against the white sand. For people who prefer staying in crowded hotspots, the southern section offers such an environment with water sports like parasailing, jet skiing, water skiing, and wakeboarding. But the crowd at Patong at night is more vibrant and wild when compared to Karon.

Kata Beach

  • Location: South of Karon beach on the west coast of Phuket
  • Crowd Density: Moderate

Kata is one of the famous family beaches in Phuket. If you want the best sunset pictures amid a beach situated in the middle of an island, Kata beach is the place for you. The place offers an exciting nightlife with spectacular dining venues and a shopping experience.

Mai Khao Beach

  • Location: From Sirinath National Park to the north of Haad Sai Keow island.
  • Crowd Density: Sparse

If you’re looking for places with absolutely none to few people, Mai Khao beach is the place for you. The clean shoreline of this beach is 11 km long. As you mighty have estimated, this makes it the longest beach in Phuket. Many of the five-star hotels like Sala, Renaissance, and Mai Khao Dreams Villas are located here.

Surin Beach

  • Location: On hilltops with the Andaman Sea at the bottom.
  • Crowd Density: Moderate

Surin beach is a natural beauty with many luxury restaurants. The main reason for the popularity of this beach is its crystal-clear turquoise water with clean and white sand. In the seasons when the beach isn’t much crowded, the waters are perfect for activities like snorkeling or kayaking. Additionally, boogie boarding and surfing are also popular on this beach.

Rawai Beach

  • Location: Southern end of Phuket
  • Crowd Density: Moderate

Tourists from different places around the world visit the Rawai beach to enjoy its local seafood market. Anyone can order or buy delicious seafood from the shops of their choice, and then send them over to the nearest restaurant for cooking. Once the food is prepared, just like the locals, tourists also sit on a mat on the floor to complete their meal.


Professional or amateur, every photographer must hop on to the opportunity of exploring the beaches in Phuket when given the chance. The pristine waters and dramatic landscape of this island make for a photographer’s heaven. When you need a break from your creative rollercoaster of ideas in Phuket, the beaches delight you with dozens of activities and adventures like bungee jumping, ATV riding, and water zorbing.

So pack your bags fellas and let’s get ready to shoot!

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